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Donna Pethel

Patients & Survivors Stage III Rectal Cancer California
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Donna's Story

In 2011, I had my first colonoscopy at age 56 due to some symptoms. I did not have a colonoscopy at age 50 because it was not covered by my insurance, and it was too expensive.

My husband was with me when the GI told us he found a tumor in my rectum, and it most likely was cancerous.


Symptoms included rectal bleeding or blood in stool and ongoing change in bowel habits.

Side Effects

Side effects included fatigue, bowel irregularities, LARS, and neuropathy.

Donna's Advice

Get screened! The sooner the better.

You are so much stronger than you can imagine. I have found that we can adapt to anything. Concentrate on adapting rather than self pity.

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