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Holly Williams

Patients & Survivors Stage III Colon Cancer Georgia
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Story: "In August 2020, I started having lower gastrointestinal issues and was told by my sister to go to the doctor. I was able to get into the doctor within the week and after explaining my symptoms: blood and mucus in stool, using restroom frequently throughout the day, always feeling like I had a full bowel, and a sharp pain on my lower left side, he scheduled me for a colonoscopy on September 17, and during that procedure he took 25 samples to be tested. I received a call at work from my gastroenterologist, just three days after my colonoscopy, confirming that I had colon cancer. It was not presenting like colon cancer, but after it was sent to the Mayo Clinic, they confirmed that it was that specific cancer. A week later I had a bowel obstruction and surgery the following day. I started infusion chemotherapy and chemo pills three weeks later, a for six month treatment. One year later, this past April 30, 2022, I have been without treatment, and I am cancer free. I continue with six month follow-ups for blood work. CT scan and yearly colonoscopy will be needed indefinitely, due to the one year colonoscopy follow-up showed three polyps. It’s better to be safe, and I will never complain about any follow-up that I need. I’m a survivor and thank God daily that I am, and know I will continue to be healthy!"
Advice: "Do not be afraid to get a colonoscopy. It saved my life. I was stage IIIb advanced, and if I had waited just three months to be covered under insurance, the doctors said that we would have been looking at a totally different outcome."
"Always stay positive and be as strong as you can. Be your own advocate. Ask a lot of questions and continue to ask until you get the answers you are looking for."

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