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Joe Swogger

Patients & Survivors Stage III Colon Cancer Pennsylvania

Story: "Around Christmas 2019, I noticed blood when I would wipe. I had a colonoscopy on February 7, 2020, and they found a tumor and five polyps. I received a stage III diagnosis. I started chemo March 3 and finished chemo June 18. On June 19, I visited the radiation doctor to get that process started. During the exam, he couldn't feel my tumor. I had some tests that showed chemo destroyed the tumor. My first surgery was July 14, and my second surgery to reverse ileostomy was August 20, 2020. No more treatments. I am Cancer FREE!"

Advice: "If you feel something is not right, push for a test that will rule out cancer. Don't let them delay. That happened to my dad and he was misdiagnosed for four months. He lost his fight because of it. My treatment plan was supposed to be about a year long but because of the quick action of my medical team I got to skip radiation, and I am currently recovering from my first of two surgeries. Everything has been positive for me so far. So don't wait. Get checked out ASAP!"

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