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John Lair

Patients & Survivors Stage III Rectal Cancer Kansas
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Story: "I was in the doctor's office in December 2017, and I had the shock of my life. My wife was by my side, and we both began to cry. I knew at that moment I would fight this with all that I had. I am the President and CEO of Special Olympics Kansas. My very first thought was, 'How am I going to break the news to my beloved Kansas athletes?'

"They gave me so much strength and encouragement, and I am truly blessed to advocate for screenings and testing. The years 2019 and 2020 were the toughest years of my life to date, but I came out with a new lease on life and want to educate everyone I can on this.

"I was the ultimate 'avoid the doctor' guy because I felt like I was an invincible. My doctor pushed me and pushed me to get my symptoms checked out. I would not be alive today if I did not get screened."

Advice: Be strong! You are going to find out truly how tough you are, and you will amaze yourself and others. I had so many people tell me how I inspired them and my attitude encouraged them to be stronger than ever."

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