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Keona Carson

Family & Friends Stage IV Colon Cancer Maryland
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Keona's Story

Our mom passed away 19 years ago on March 14, after learning she had stage IV colorectal cancer, which metastasized. After countless specialist visits to determine the culprit of her right-side pain and nausea, she was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the colon.

We both were shocked to hear the doctor explain that she had cancer. She was only 47 years of age. This was in 2004 when the screening age was 50. I can't help but think if the screening age requirement had been lowered sooner our mom would be alive today.

After her passing, our family had screenings performed and continue to do so today.

She loved her family, cooking, and hosting Sunday dinners. We miss her very much and very thankful that many lives are being saved now that the screening age requirement is 45.


Symptoms included right-side pain and nausea, stomach cramps/bloating/fullness, unexplained sudden weight loss, and fatigue.

Keona's Advice

Colon cancer is not a death sentence. Screening could save your life and someone in your family.

Be brave. Be bold. Get screened. Educate yourself.

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