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Krista Wilson

Family & Friends Indiana
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Story: "While working in a colorectal surgeon's office I overheard a surgeon tell another employee that colorectal cancer was preventable. I was shocked! A 'preventable cancer' that the whole world didn't know about? Immediately, I began a program to educate primary care physicians, OB-GYN's, general surgeons, and the general public about prevention and screening. Four years later, while hosting a CRC awareness event, I met The Colon Club. I realized that colorectal cancer was on the rise among young adults. Audiences under the age of 50 were not equipped with the appropriate screening guidelines.

"I eat, sleep, breathe #savingthecolons, which is how I was given the name 'ColonGurl"

"My mission with The Colon Club is to connect young adult survivors with others just like themselves. So they never have to feel alone. Featuring young adult survivors in "On The Rise" annual magazine gives young adult survivors a platform to tell their story, inspire, raise awareness, and become advocates - fighting for better prevention, on-time screening guidelines, and ultimately a cure so others do not have to go through what they have had to endure!"

Advice: "Make sure you connect with others in the fight. There are so many resources, stories, people and you do not have to fight this alone!"

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