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Lynn Kilgore

Patients & Survivors Stage I Rectal Cancer Florida
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Story: I started having symptoms in early 2017. Finally, blood in my poop led me to a colonoscopy. I had stage I colorectal cancer, which was removed and tattooed and then removed via surgery with a wedge resection. All of my colonoscopies were normal, even two months ago. But last April, I started having severe abdominal pain, severe constipation, and pain when eating. One scan led to another, and two weeks ago I had a liver biopsy (due to spots seen). Ultimately, I have stage IV colorectal cancer (not the genetic kind), and I have mets to liver, lymph nodes, and possibly lung. I got a port last week, and I’m starting Folfox in a week. I was supposed to start today, but I put it off due to anxiety about the chemo. Anyway, my family, and I are now on a new journey I would have never imagined.

Advice: It’s treatable when caught early. Get a colonoscopy. That’s the east part. Even at an early stage, demand to see an oncologist for a plan.

Keep up the fight. Do what you are comfortable with. Stay busy. Ask for help. Enjoy the moments with the people and animals you love.

One thought on “Lynn Kilgore

  1. It is the night before my colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. ( severe abdominal pain with constipation and blood in my stools at times) I came upon your story while trying to find something online that would allow me to skip the second half of my prep which I’m due to start at 1 am in two hours. Of course as I knew I would, I found information that said NOT to skip the second half of prep.

    I am so sorry to read that you were first diagnosed at stage I and have now progressed to stage IV. At why stye did you begin chemo?

    Thank you for sharing your story.

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