Daniel Bloomgarden


Daniel is a stage III colon cancer survivor.  He was diagnosed after a routine colonoscopy at the age of 40 years with no obvious symptoms of the disease.  Because his grandfather had colon cancer, Daniel’s Gastroenterologist said he should start earlier than the recommended age at 50.  A decision that likely saved his life.

丹尼尔是早期筛查的倡导者,支持研究,并帮助那些不得不忍受这场战斗的家庭。 他是美国癌症基金会(FightCRC)的大使,这促使他更多地参与该组织。 

丹尼尔在摩根大通担任董事总经理和投资组合经理/高级分析师,负责增长型股票。 他投资于中小型资本范围内的成长型公司。 他已经有超过18年的投资经验。

Daniel holds a MBA degree from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.  He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and an undergrad degree from University at Albany.