Sharyn Worrall, MPH, RYT-500, E-RYT 200


I have always been drawn to the health and wellness space. After I received a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from San Diego State University, I became a massage therapist and spent years working with chiropractors in San Diego, CA. I began teaching yoga in 2010 after being trained in hatha and vinyasa styles of yoga. What I noticed was that both of these things, massage and yoga, were not accessible to everyone who could benefit. They were expensive luxuries. That’s when I woke up to health disparities and health equity – the concepts which drove me to get a degree in public health.


除了公共卫生工作,我还教授社区和私人瑜伽课程。我接受过教授癌症患者和幸存者瑜伽(Y4C)的培训,并一直为能与经历癌症的人一起工作而感到荣幸。2012 年,我在瑜伽联盟(Yoga Alliance)注册了 500 小时级别的瑜伽课程,并定期参加培训,以成为一名更加专业的瑜伽教练。