Paula Chambers-Raney



关于: 2014年10月18日,就在她在曼哈顿高线举行婚礼的第二天,宝拉刚刚和她的家人看完一场百老汇戏剧。在整个演出过程中,她感到身体不适,当她的家人站在剧院外讨论午餐计划时,她的胃打结了,她开始感到头晕。她告诉她的伙伴,她需要去躺一下。他们在上城区坐了两站火车,勉强回到了他们住的地方。宝拉从来没有完全到过卫生间。在剩下的旅程中,她一直在生病,回到家后,医生告诉她,她不可能得大肠癌,因为她太年轻了。

Fast forward three months: Paula was rushed to the ER. She was only passing blood, was anemic, and had lost 16 lbs. She was told she had a full blockage and would need surgery right away. Paula began her journey as a colorectal cancer survivor diagnosed January 28, 2015, with a baseball-sized tumor. She didn’t know what colon cancer was beforehand. She told her doctors that the year prior she was seeing blood and had symptoms. Paula was told to change my diet and to take gas medicines. After her surgery in February 2015, she started sharing her story on social media and started advocating for screenings for younger people, people of color, and people with family histories.

宝拉在2019年成为Fight CRC大使。搏击CRC为她提供了培训和工具,使她能够为像她一样的人进行宣传。她的任务是确保人们了解结肠直肠癌的迹象和症状,并在其社区拥有资源,以进行筛查和寻找治疗。

宝拉为什么要攀登: “I Climb for those we have lost to CRC and those whose battles may just be starting. I have been in those shoes and there is hope in this journey. This is my first Climb. I have watched the emotional impact the climb has had on past participants. There is healing in the challenge. There is strength in the community. When I was in treatment, I had people who stepped me physically and emotionally. I couldn’t have faced it on my own. Together we can do hard things!”

有一件事让宝拉保持动力: “Honestly, I have never done anything like this so my motivation is to see if I can do it – That simple.”

宝拉对登山者的建议: "我已经知道,当我把痛苦转化为激情,我能够为他人服务时,我就会忘记我的烦恼,事情似乎就会如期发生。我试着对自己好一点,让这些小事过去。"