Dwayne Coleman


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关于: Dwayne was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer in December 2020 at age 55. He was in the best physical shape of his life. He was in the gym three to four days a week. He hiked, biked, and was a runner. He ate well, was not a smoker, and only drank occasionally. He also had no history of cancer on either side of his family. He had no symptoms at all until he started passing blood in summer 2020. Because of a best friend’s terminal cancer diagnosis 20 ago, he had been getting thorough annual physicals. He assumed that early signs of cancer would show up in his blood work. He was wrong. The tumor was growing; cancer was spreading into his lymph nodes, and he had no idea. After having surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments in 2021, he is relieved to say that his latest bloodwork and CT scan in January showed that he is NED (no evidence of disease) – complete remission. After his diagnosis, he began researching colon cancer and found the Fight CRC website. The information was very valuable to him as he chose his surgery and treatments. The website also mentioned things to talk with his doctors about that he  would not have known otherwise. He decided that he wanted to be more involved with Fight CRC, so he became a sponsor for the Climb For A Cure fundraiser last year. 

Dwayne攀岩的原因 "提高人们对结直肠癌的认识,支持一项有益的事业,并与朋友和家人享受一项有趣的活动。我为自己和其他受癌症影响的朋友攀登。我喜欢徒步旅行,而 "为治愈而攀登 "是将我对户外活动和锻炼的热爱与为伟大事业筹款相结合的绝佳方式。

有一件事让Dwayne充满动力: "我对癌症仍然记忆犹新。由于癌症、手术和治疗剥夺了我一年的健康,我仍在努力恢复体形。但是,尽管我经历了这么多,我还是决心恢复体形"。

Dwayne给登山者的建议: “To the climbers, caregivers, and survivors, ‘Live your best life,’ and try to enjoy every minute of every day. To the patients, adopt a fighting attitude, and never give up hope.”