Traci Bryan


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关于: My husband, Coach Kevin Bryan, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in September 2016. Together with our family, friends, and community, we fought every day to raise awareness and help others. Kevin’s journey ended on March 16, 2021, but our fight is not over. I continue to honor his memory and the memory of so many friends whose journeys are now carried on by others. I was told that it was great that I’m still advocating for Fight Colorectal Cancer even though Kevin is gone and I don’t need to. What they don’t understand is that I DO need to advocate. Coach Bryan’s Fight did not stop when he died. It continues through me and my advocacy family. I will fight every day for those who are gone too soon and for those who continue to fight. I am a Relentless Champion of Hope. I am a Fight CRC Ambassador. I am Kevin’s legacy and I will continue to fight!

特拉西为什么要攀登? “I climb to honor Kevin’s memory, to continue to raise awareness, and to push myself beyond my perceived limits.”

是什么让Traci有了动力: “Cancer is a thief. It steals those we hold dear. It steals future memories. It steals our strength and sometimes our faith. But it can’t steal our resolve. It can’t steal our ability to wake up and keep fighting every day. It can’t steal our love. It can’t steal our cherished memories. Whatever mountain you are facing know that there are others who will guide you, walk beside you and push you from behind. Attack your mountain and tell it that you are stronger and should not be underestimated. My Fight Colorectal Cancer family and Kevin are always guiding, walking beside, and pushing me and for that, I am forever grateful.”

给攀登者的建议: “You can push yourself further than you think you can. You can accomplish amazing things when you are a member of the Fight CRC family.”