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Gloria Cortez

患者和幸存者 第三期直肠癌 佛罗里达州
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Gloria's Story

Diagnosed with colorectal stage t3n1 adenocarcinoma after a 结肠镜检查 on February 2019 age 48. Had a resection done in March 2019. Went home after three days then back in the hospital with needing a wash of intestines peritonitis and discharged with ileostomy. Got reversed six months after not healed to turn around and get colostomy. Went home with wound vac with home health nurse for almost one year. Today, I celebrate NED and a successful reversal. Thanking my angel Dr. Hector Pombo Memorial Miramar.

Gloria's Advice

Please screen early! Detection is key!

Stay strong. We can do this!


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