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Tracy Jackson

患者和幸存者 I期结肠癌 俄亥俄州
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Tracy's Story

In August 2021, I had a positive Cologuard®. I had a message from my PCP, and I was at home with my husband. On September 30, 2021, I learned I had two 瘜肉: one precancerous and one cancerous.

Tracy's Advice

Please do not be embarrassed to seek treatment. I refused a scope, no family history. I took a Cologuard test. I had a sigmoid colectomy.

Long story short, I ended up having four scopes due to complications. It's the fear of not knowing what to expect. Pay attention to your body. When caught early, colon cancer can be treated.

You are not alone. Share your story in forums like these. It has helped me tremendously.

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