Colorectal Cancer Awareness

Raising awareness for colorectal cancer is critical to saving lives. March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, but you can raise awareness year-round!

March 2023 Impact Report

Every March, we celebrate Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. But we can raise awareness year-round! What is our color? BLUE! Why do we fight? What are we fighting for more of? Why should we keep fighting?

We fight for more time. More “good days.” More life. More celebrations.

We fight for more research. More screening. More treatment options. More lives saved.

More community. More answers. More people like YOU.

Tools for Raising Awareness of Colorectal Cancer

Fight for more with us and raise awareness of colorectal cancer — both in March and all throughout the year. Click on the links below for reliable websites, free downloads, and other resources designed to educate your community about colon cancer and rectal cancer.

Tell Your Story

Every day millions who are impacted by colorectal cancer are searching online looking for stories of people who’ve also faced this disease. When you share your experience, you let others know they are not alone.

Shop For Gear and Awareness Handouts

Let's see you flex!

What is #StrongArmSelfie?

A #StrongArmSelfie is an easy and fun way to show your support in the fight against colorectal cancer. All you need is a smartphone & social media accounts. Take a “selfie” while flexing your best “strong arm” pose. Then, post it online to show your support and encourage colorectal cancer screening. Each post, retweet or share of a #StrongArmSelfie sends $1 to Fight CRC!

Host an Awareness Event!

Raising awareness is a key factor in preventing colorectal cancer. Let us help you plan your event so it reaches the most people!

2023 Highlights

In March 2023, we asked champions to join us to fight for more research, more treatments, more funding – more lives saved. The colorectal cancer community showed up, showed out, and demanded to be heard nationally and locally.

By working together in our communities, we can make a significant impact in raising awareness and advancing the fight against colorectal cancer. The success of the record-breaking Awareness Month is a testament to the power of advocacy and the importance of coming together to make a difference.

Relentless Champions Made An Impact

  • Thousands of digital and physical resources distributed throughout the U.S., including our brand new screening quiz
  • TWO meetings with the White House – Colorectal Cancer Moonshot Luncheon and the Colorectal Cancer Moonshot Forum
  • More than 27,000 flags were placed on the National Mall by 160 volunteers as a representation of the 27,400 people ages 20-49 projected to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2030
  • Fight CRC's partnership with Throne Labs provided people with a clean and safe public bathroom, while also educating them on the signs, symptoms, and risk factors for colorectal cancer
  • Advocates in D.C. attended 186 congressional meetings while advocates at home sent more than 600 emails to Congress demanding colorectal cancer research and screening be made a priority

State Proclamations

Make your state part of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month this March by asking your governor to issue a state proclamation or letter of support!

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