How the tax reform bill affects colorectal cancer patients

The Senate and House are working to reconcile their tax reform bills this week and all eyes are on Capitol Hill. While the legislation would bring about wide-ranging changes in our tax system, it is also poised to have a significant impact on our nation’s…

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What is “Survivor’s Guilt”?

There are many side effects a colorectal cancer survivor endures: neuropathy, pain, bowel issues, and more. But what about guilt? Is that a side effect? For many, it can be a lingering side effect of cancer. “I often find myself thinking I have to do something…

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What does the gut microbiome have to do with immunotherapy?

While immunotherapy is now a term many people are familiar with thanks to the continual promise it’s demonstrated for cancer treatment, the science behind why it works is often not communicated to the lay audience. This can make it challenging to understand the direction of…

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Does Environment Affect Cancer Risk?

When changes in genes occur, it affects the way cells function and this can lead to cancer. Some gene changes occur naturally during DNA replication, which happens nonstop throughout our lives. Some gene changes occur due to a genetic predisposition (or inherited syndrome). More specifically,…

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A Tour of Dr. Cindy Sears’ Lab

We’re committed to colorectal cancer research! Earlier this year, with our partners at the Cancer Research Institute, we awarded Cindy Sears, M.D. from Johns Hopkins with a $400,000 grant to study the gut microbiome and colorectal cancer. If you’re one of the many individuals who…

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Top 5 Ways Tom Marsilje’s Legacy is Making an Impact

On November 14, 2017 beloved advocate Tom Marsilje passed away from stage IV colorectal cancer at age 45. Tom was loved by everyone who knew him, and especially those in the colorectal cancer community. His passionate work in research oncology propelled him to use his…

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Rep. Jamie Raskin Joins Congressional Committee

Springfield, Mo. — November 10, 2017 — Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) is the newest member of Congress to join Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC’s) Congressional Committee. As an honorary member, Raskin will work with the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization to provide support and raise awareness on…

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Terri Woodard

Fertility Preservation and Colorectal Cancer

There are rising rates of people being diagnosed with colorectal cancer before age 50. Being diagnosed with colorectal cancer during early adulthood comes with many challenges – some of which are uniquely different from challenges faced by those diagnosed at an older age. One of…

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Courage in the Bedroom

Addressing sexual health and intimacy can be a new and uncomfortable experience for anyone, especially those facing colorectal cancer and their partner(s). We asked Dr. Chelsea Holland, DHS, Relationship and Sex Therapist at The Intimacy Institute to help patients find courage in the bedroom. Chelsea…

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