Our Mission

We fight to cure colorectal cancer and serve as relentless champions of hope for all affected by this disease through informed patient support, impactful policy change, and breakthrough research endeavors.

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It takes passionate, informed people to advocate. We believe this advocacy will lead to research. We expect research to lead to a cure.

Our Advocacy Roots

It was 2005. Founder and Chairman of the Board Nancy Roach had already made huge progress for colon and rectal cancer patients. She was part of a group of survivors, caregivers and friends that formed the first colorectal cancer non-profit — Colon Cancer Alliance.

But Nancy saw something missing… there was more to do. After meeting policymakers, scientists and researchers in Washington, D.C., she learned the key to changing cancer is through advocacy, policy and research. Meeting after meeting, she saw the importance of the advocate voice. She began to dream about an organization focused solely on advocacy for colorectal cancer.

She founded that organization in March 2005.

Nancy and a small group of committed individuals formed C3 – Colorectal Cancer Coalition (renamed Fight Colorectal Cancer in 2011). What can we say? The rest is history.

From day one the focus of Fight Colorectal Cancer has been to get the voices of advocates heard. It’s our belief that when leaders see and hear those impacted by their decisions, change occurs. For over a decade we’ve watched this happen. There’s nothing like a personal story to change minds.

Today, Fight Colorectal Cancer is the leading patient advocacy group in colorectal cancer. We’re known for our extremely loud, involved (and sometimes even feisty) voices. We have no plans of slowing down or stopping until we reach our goal: a cure.

Read the full story of how Nancy founded the organization in our magazine, Beyond Blue.