Get your family and friends involved in the cause! Your generosity helps support our efforts to find a cure. By fundraising for Fight CRC, you directly support colorectal cancer patients every single day.

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Create a Fundraising Page

Follow these steps to create your own fundraising page!

From Fight CRC’s website:

  2. Click “Fundraise”
  3. Create your account
  4. Enter your fundraising goal and information and click “Create Page”

From Facebook:

  1. Start at
  2. Next to the Home, Shop, and About tabs, click “Fundraisers” under the More tab
  3. Under Create a Fundraiser on the right-hand side, click “Raise Money”
  4. Enter your fundraising goal and information and click “Create”

Host a Fundraiser

There is no “right way” to organize a fundraiser. From bar crawls to bowling tournaments, the opportunities are endless. 

Start with an Idea

Need ideas for starting your own fundraiser? These are the main areas where we see fundraisers, and it doesn’t stop there!

  • Birthday
  • Cancer-versary
  • Climb for a Cure
  • End-of-Year Giving
  • Honoring a Loved One (Link to Honor a Loved One page)
  • NoShave November

Let our Volunteer Team know how we can support you! Send us an email with your name, your city/state, and your general idea for an event.