Funding Research

Thanks to our generous donors and supporters, Fight CRC restricts funds for only colon and rectal cancer research. This has led to over $1 million put towards research.

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Fight CRC is Committed To:

Fight CRC's Grant Recipients

We’ve awarded research grants to several talented scientists seeking to discover a cure for colorectal cancer. All grants funded by Fight Colorectal Cancer have supported late-stage colorectal cancer (stage III & IV).

How Cancer Research Gets Funded

Fight CRC’s grants to colorectal cancer research is just one way cancer research gets funded. The majority of cancer research happening in the United States is funded by the federal government. This is why Fight CRC asks Congress to direct federal funds toward lifesaving medical research.

Current Funding for Colorectal Cancer Research

To learn more about the levels of colorectal cancer research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), visit the National Cancer Institute Office of Budget and Finance (OBF). Information about funding for other types of cancer and for general categories of research (e.g., survivorship) can be found in the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Funded Research Portfolio or the NCI Annual Fact Book. You can also check out additional information about NCI’s budget.