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Young and navigating colorectal cancer? You’re not alone. Dive into a community of support, resources, and hope, specially curated for young adults on the same journey.

The Colon Club began as a revolutionary movement against the stigma surrounding colorectal cancer. It became the voice for early-onset colorectal cancer and a beacon of hope for those diagnosed under 50. In merging with Fight CRC, The Colon Club’s mission of providing support, fostering connections, and raising awareness continues to shine brightly. We’re strengthening our reach, resources, and resolve to fight colorectal cancer.

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History of the Colon Club

Colon Camp (Colon Club Retreat)

For two decades, The Colon Club has curated an annual photo shoot, originally nestled in Lake George, N.Y., and later transitioning to the scenic Five Star Retreat near Nashville, Tennessee. Over the years, this transformative weekend affectionately evolved into “Colon Camp.” Honoring its rich legacy and emotional depth, it has gracefully transitioned into “The Colon Club Retreat.” This sanctuary beckons young survivors and caregivers, uniting them in their journey of confronting colorectal cancer at a tender age.

The Colon Club Retreat stands as a beacon of hope, fostering a nurturing environment where attendees can mend both visible and unseen wounds. Join us for the upcoming retreat in 2025, a confluence of healing, bonding, and resilience.

Colondar & On the Rise Publications

For a decade, The Colon Club proudly presented a unique calendar, “The Colondar.” This inspirational piece highlighted brave survivors diagnosed at the age of 50 or younger, shining a light on early age onset colorectal cancer. The poignant photography by Mark McCarty, coupled with the artful designs of Troy Burns, gave life to each page. Behind this visionary project was the determined Erika Bilger, a stage IV survivor. Not just an advocate, Erika graced the cover of most issues, becoming a symbol of hope and resilience. Each evocative shoot for The Colondar was set against the serene backdrop of Lake George, N.Y.

As time moved forward, so did The Colon Club’s ambitions. Following the 10-year journey of The Colondar, a fresh narrative emerged in the form of a magazine, initially named “Colondar 2.0.” After two enlightening years, it transitioned to its current name, “On the Rise.” This revamped edition dives deep into the personal tales of both survivors and caregivers, all aged 45 and younger. “On the Rise” serves as a testament to the strength and spirit of those touched by colorectal cancer.

The Colossal Colon, nicknamed “Coco”

The awe-inspiring Colossal Colon® has captured the attention of many, standing 40-foot long and 4-foot tall. This crawl-through model replicates the intricacies of the human colon, showcasing everything from healthy tissues to the progression of colorectal cancer. The remarkable structure made a significant debut when Katie Couric spotlighted it on the “Today” show, right in the heart of Rockefeller Center Plaza, NYC. After embarking on a journey spanning the U.S. and Canada, it has found a permanent home at The Houston Health Museum. Inspired by this monumental creation, inflatable colons now educate and raise awareness globally.

The Kimberly Fund

In May 2005, Kim Troisi-Paton confronted a stage III colon cancer diagnosis head-on, dedicating herself to raising awareness about colorectal cancer (CRC). Featuring in the 2007 Colondar solidified her connection with The Colon Club’s mission: emphasizing that colorectal cancer doesn’t discriminate by age.

December 2006 brought the news of an aggressive recurrence. Yet, Kim’s resilience remained unyielding. Throughout her chemotherapy, she balanced her roles as a dedicated wife, loving mother, skilled attorney, and inspiring author. After a courageous 2 1/2 year battle, Kim’s journey came to an end on August 10, 2007.

To honor Kim’s indomitable spirit and legacy, her loved ones established The Kimberly Fund. Its purpose is heartfelt: providing grants to children who have a parent or primary caregiver impacted by colorectal cancer. This initiative enables these children to momentarily step away from cancer’s shadow and revel in the joys of childhood.

Applications are currently closed and will reopen in July of 2024.

Donate to The Colon Club

All donations made to this restricted fund will be applied toward events and projects that advance The Colon Club’s goal of raising awareness, providing support and educating young adults about colorectal cancer. Donate now.

Find Your Amanda

“Find Your Amanda” isn’t just a phrase at The Colon Club; it’s a promise of connection and understanding. In the early 2000s, Molly met Amanda Sherwood Roberts. Both faced colorectal cancer at a young age, often feeling isolated in their struggle. Their deep bond became a beacon of hope and understanding.

The Colossal Colon is dedicated to Amanda and serves as a heartfelt reminder that, even when the journey feels lonely, others truly understand. Every Colon Club event is designed with you in mind. It’s a space where you can find solace, understanding, and perhaps your own ‘Amanda’ – someone who truly “gets it.”

If you’re young and grappling with colorectal cancer, we want you to know: you’re not alone. Dive into our resources, share your story, and discover the powerful healing that comes from connecting with others on the same journey.

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