At Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC), we find it unacceptable that the #2 cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. comes from a preventable disease. We want to see victory over colon and rectal cancers!

Our fight is all about advocacy and research. We’re the leaders when it comes to advocacy in colorectal cancer. We make sure our voices are loud at home and on Capitol Hill. We also lead the way for colorectal cancer research advocates. We train people on how to get involved in the science world, and we make a difference! We give grants to scientists working to cure colorectal cancer, and we put experts in the same room to talk about how to move things forward.

This will be our fight until we see victory – a cure.

Why Advocacy

Think back through history and look at pivotal moments of change. Policies and government often get involved. A crowd forms to listen when an elected official speaks. We march up and down stairs and streets based on Supreme Court rulings. Policies can generate a movement of the people. We exist to create a stir for colorectal cancer.

Advocacy is crucial. We love awareness, but not without action. We give people things to do both online and in person. That’s why we’ve created so many opportunities to join the fight and get involved. From our board and staff to our advocate community, we’re all in, and we won’t stop fighting until there’s a cure.

Why Research

When it comes to cancer research, we want patients to get a voice. Clinical trials are one way to get patients involved, but not the only way. Research advocacy puts the viewpoint of a patient into the research process. It helps scientists understand what it’s like to be sick.

We train people who’ve lived through colorectal cancer either personally or by caring for someone. Research advocates take our collective opinions into the research world. Research also drives what we do at Fight CRC. Focus groups and surveys help us know what kinds of patient resources people need and the impact our programs make on their lives.

We believe that research will unlock a cure. It’s why we spend so much time training our advocates. It’s also why we give away thousands of dollars in research grants each year.

5 Ways to Fight

We share stories about people who fight colorectal cancer, and we encourage anyone affected to get involved. There’s plenty to do!

We have 5 main ways we fight:

If you want to fight with us, let’s get to work. Check out all of the ways to get involved. How do we know they’re effective? Just check out our impact.

Our team is here for current, past and future fighters. If this is you, you’re not alone. We want you to meet others from all over the U.S. and have a “me too” moment. We share the same goal. Let’s work together.

Let us know how you want to fight with us!