Be a Champion

Become an advocate, share your story, Climb for a Cure, or host a fundraiser. Join our community of relentless champions of hope in the fight against colorectal cancer.

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Fight CRC is honored to carry on the work of Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation by running out the #BlueKnots social media campaign and educating and resourcing the Black community about colorectal cancer.

Climb for a Cure

Climb for a Cure brings together survivors, caregivers, and advocates in the mountains to push physical and mental boundaries beyond what we think we’re capable of. Getting to the top of a mountain requires the same grit and determination it takes to face your own cancer diagnosis or the diagnosis of a friend or loved one.


Support from our government is vital in the way we screen for and treat colorectal cancer. In addition, the government is the leading source of cancer research funding. This is why Fight CRC pushes for federal and state legislative progress year-round and ensures that colorectal cancer patients, families, and advocates have a voice.


We couldn’t fund innovative colorectal cancer research, support patients, and push for policy change without the generosity of our donors. Your commitment to Fight CRC supports important work that moves us one step closer to finding a cure for colorectal cancer.


Volunteers allow us to make a meaningful impact on the colorectal cancer community. Every action, whether attending an awareness event or becoming a Beyond Blue Resource Champion, makes a difference. Many of us aren’t able to donate money, but can donate our time, and that is just as important!

Share Your Story

Millions impacted by colorectal cancer turn to the Internet looking for stories of people who’ve also faced this disease. Your story could be the one they read that helps them face their cancer journey feeling informed and empowered.


In addition to Fight CRC’s monthly educational webinars and annual events, advocates have hosted cornhole tournaments, fashion shows, hikes, golf tournaments, and “sushi-thons.” We’d love to help you attend or host an awareness or fundraising event online or in your area!