Climb for a Cure

The 5th annual Climb for a Cure on August 15th was far and away the biggest Climb yet and we have you to thank! 866 climbers, 47 states, over $250,000 raised and get this: 10 MILLION STEPS!!! 

Fight CRC remains committed to our mission as champions of hope for everyone affected by colorectal cancer while responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as it unfolds. Much of our community is immunocompromised, which has led us to make the 5th-annual Climb for a Cure a virtual event. We’re here to support and protect you during this unprecedented time. 

Climbing a mountain requires the same grit and determination it takes to face your own cancer diagnosis or the diagnosis of a friend or loved one.

Climb for a Cure participants take bold action against colorectal cancer by:

  • Advocating for vital research to find a cure
  • Empowering patients and families
  • Arming people with knowledge to help them make informed decisions about their health
  • Raising awareness about the importance of colorectal cancer screening

“This climb was a personal best for me. To be part of such a large group, to receive encouragement and camaraderie, it was wonderful. They pushed me further than I would have gone on my own. I am afraid of heights and this climb helped me!”


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Why Climb?

Climb for a Cure reminds us that we are strong and we are in control of our lives. We are determined to prevent colon and rectal cancers from not only changing our lives, but also the lives of others. Each step you take will lead us closer to a cure. Every dollar, drop of sweat, and achy muscle will fuel cutting edge research, lifesaving awareness, and advocacy for survivors dealing with colon and rectal cancers right now. For many, cancer is the biggest mountain they face. Climb for a Cure 2020 will make that challenge feel a little easier and less scary for so many.

Let’s Connect!

We’ll use the Strava app to track our steps and mileage throughout the summer, culminating on Climb Day on August 15th. On that Saturday, we ask you to get active, get moving and hit your goal for the day! We’ll also be sharing stories and experiences through the Climb for a Cure Facebook group, so make sure to click that link and join us!

Tools for Climbers

Introducing Ina® The Intelligent Nutrition Assistant from Savor Health®
Personalized clinically and contextually appropriate nutrition and symptom management interventions 24/7 “on-demand” via SMS text. Developed by oncology-credentialed medical experts to help cancer patients stay on treatment, prevent and manage side effects, and feel strong throughout the cancer journey.
– Access to the knowledge of oncology-credentialed medical experts
– Safe, secure, and free!

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Printable Signs

Print these signs, snap a photos while on your walk, hike, bike, etc. and share it on social media using the hashtag #RelentlessClimber!

Climb for a Cure's Impact

Over the past five years, Climb for a Cure has grown from a group of 15 people to nearly 900 advocates gathering together to climb the peaks in our lives. The Climb has raised over $430,000 to support Fight CRC’s efforts in colorectal cancer advocacy, patient education, and research. It’s your time now. Become a Relentless Climber and help us reach our goal of $1,000,000!

Thank You Sponsors

2020 Climb for a Cure Sponsors

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