Climb for a Cure 2022

Each mountain we climb – every road we walk down – elevates and celebrates our community as we raise funds for life-changing research in the fight against colorectal cancer.

August 6 or 7, 2022 11 Locations

About Climb for a Cure

For many, colorectal cancer is the biggest mountain they will ever face. Climb for a Cure is an opportunity to heal and fight alongside a community of champions.

Every year, relentless champions join together to Climb for a Cure in honor or memory of loved ones who have battled colorectal cancer. Climb for a Cure raises funds to support our Path to a Cure for colorectal cancer, as we empower and inform patients while driving policy change and breakthrough research.

Be a part of our community of relentless champions, climbing together to end colorectal cancer.

“This climb was a personal best for me. To be part of such a large group, to receive encouragement and camaraderie, it was wonderful. They pushed me further than I would have gone on my own. I am afraid of heights and this climb helped me!”



August 7

Bay Area, CA

August 6

Bailey, CO

August 6

Olathe, KS

August 6

Accokeek, MD

August 6

Bozeman, MT

August 6

Burnsville, NC

August 6

Lake George, NY

August 6-12

Philadelphia, PA

August 7

Houston, TX

August 6

Etlan, VA

August 6

Tyro, VA

August 6 or 7

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We Climb for a Cure exploring new terrain for life-changing research. Each mountain we climb — every road we walk down — elevates the standard by raising funds for research in the fight against colorectal cancer.

Our fundraising goal for 2022 Climb for a Cure is $250,000 to support our Path to a Cure for colorectal cancer, as we work to empower and inform patients while driving policy change and breakthrough research. 

Not sure how to fundraise? We'll get you started!

Climb for a Cure Impact

We executed lifesaving awareness to help create a better future by Climbing together as a community. Every year that we fight relentlessly, we get closer to our goal of helping find a cure for colorectal cancer (CRC). We want you to know the impact that your efforts have made.

We’ve raised over $195,000 in 2021 and more than $800,000 from Climb for a Cure since 2016! The funds raised help support Fight CRC’s research programs by directly funding cutting-edge CRC research. Thank you for believing in our mission and fighting with us!

The Climb has helped us reach our goals as a community and impacts the lives of so many. Your stories are at the heart of why we climb and we are so encouraged by you. 

Let's Connect!

We want to hear from you! If you’re interested in learning more about Climb for a Cure send us a message. Our Volunteer and Events Manager will reach out to you. We are always looking for volunteers - lead your own climb, or help us connect you with some local climbers in your area.

Chris Ganser Climb Scholarship

The Chris Ganser Climb for a Cure Scholarship is a unique opportunity for two colorectal cancer survivors to attend our Climb for a Cure event, and honors the late Chris Ganser, a colorectal cancer fighter and co-founder of the Climb.

Meet the 2021 Climb for a Cure Scholarship Recipients:

"Imagine going from not being able to walk around the block to a 12-mile climb! I am so incredibly honored to demonstrate to other young survivors that a complete recovery of everything we have lost is within reach!"

— Christina Haywood, Stage III Rectal Cancer Survivor

"To be a stage IV survivor who is on chemo for life, and to be able to persevere through the challenges that come with hiking up a mountain, it really makes me feel alive, inspired, accomplished, and for a brief time…invincible."

— Mike Mancini, Stage IV Colon Cancer Fighter

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History of the Climb

Two of the three founders of the Climb; Chris Ganser (middle) and Brian Threlkheld (right)

In 2016, 19 people came together to ascend Longs Peak near Denver, Colorado, for the first Climb for a Cure. Led by visionaries and longtime advocates - Chad Schrack, Brian Threlkeld and Chris Ganser - the three friends saw the literal climb as a way to inspire those facing the proverbial mountain of cancer. For five years, the event has continued to grow.

In 2020, COVID-19 threatened the Climb, but our relentless champions didn’t stop. Taking the Climb virtual, more than 900 advocates came together to get moving and push themselves. From all over the country, climbers came together to take more than 1 million steps for the 1 million colorectal cancer survivors, and they added to the collective total of $447,000 raised through the Climb. 

The 2021 event took us even closer to our goal of raising funds for cutting-edge research and encouraging advocates to join us on the path to a cure.

Photos from Previous Climbs

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