Paying for Treatment

When fighting cancer, paying for treatment is the last thing a patient and their family should have to worry about. But the reality is, cancer treatment is costly, even with insurance. Resources are available for survivors and their loved ones.

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Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) help patients who have difficulty paying for prescription medications.

State governments, charitable organizations, and drug companies offer PAP programs that provide discounted or free medications to people who financially and medically qualify; some also help file appeals to insurance companies who deny coverage for certain medications.

Drug Company Assistance Programs

Nearly every drug company has a PAP (mostly for the products they produce).

Get more support

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) offers a Virtual Reimbursement Guide that explains reimbursements, co-pay support, assistance programs, and more for certain drug types.

Nonprofit Financial Assistance Programs

This is not an all-inclusive list of manufacturing and nonprofit organizations offering financial assistance. There may be local organizations in your area that offer assistance as well. To search for more resources, visit

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