Sponsorship Opportunities

Fight CRC’s Sponsorship Program fosters purposeful collaboration with corporate partners, advancing our mission to empower patients, survivors, caregivers, and anyone affected by colorectal cancer.

We work closely with our sponsors throughout the year, supporting vital areas such as research, patient education, advocacy, and awareness. This collaboration ensures that the colorectal cancer community receives the necessary support, information, and resources.

We warmly invite nonprofits, businesses, and individuals to join us as sponsors. Contributions through sponsorships, grants, in-kind donations, personal donations, and unrestricted funds are crucial for sustaining our mission. These funds support the core functions of our organization, including various programs and events.

By supporting Fight CRC, you join a community of relentless champions in the fight against colorectal cancer. Thank you for fighting alongside us!

Advocacy and Policy Efforts

Fight Colorectal Cancer is on the ground in Washington, D.C., educating policymakers and ensuring that the colorectal cancer community is represented when and where policy is created. With Advocates across the country, we can be on the ground advocating for policies that will increase assess to colorectal cancer screening in every community.

Disease Awareness

While providing easy to understand information and education about colorectal cancer to both survivors and caregivers has always been a top priority for Fight CRC’s patient education team, the disease awareness team has refined and expanded our approach when it comes to reaching the community. Our prevention and early detection resources help people understand screening options and ways to prevent the disease.

For our patient community, we have broken down what can be an overwhelming landscape of information into an easy-to-understand navigational guide from the time of diagnosis through survivorship or end-of-life care, intentionally categorizing our resources and activities into a month-to-month format to make sure no topic is left uncovered. We also focus on reaching providers with our resources, understanding they are often the most trusted source of information for patients. We want to help providers break down tough topics in easily understood ways.

Research Advocacy

Fight CRC informs and influences the research community to commit more resources to colorectal cancer research, including potential breakthrough projects that lead to increased screening for and better outcomes from treatment. Over the past two years, Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Research Advocacy efforts have centered around the Path to a Cure Report (PTAC) and Strategies. This report serves as our blueprint for current actions and future goals in colorectal cancer research advocacy. It’s not just Fight CRC’s plan—it’s a roadmap for everyone dedicated to championing this cause and a way to observe progress in the fight against colorectal cancer.

Marketing and Communications

Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Marketing and Communications program is designed to enhance awareness, engagement, and support for the fight against colorectal cancer. The program aims to create a well-informed public and a well-supported community of patients, survivors, and caregivers, thereby advancing the fight against colorectal cancer through enhanced visibility and advocacy.

Fight CRC Marketing and Communication approach utilizes a range of strategies including:

  • Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Community Engagement
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Content Development
  • Stakeholder Communications


Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Philanthropy efforts focus on building and nurturing relationships with donors and partners to secure the necessary resources to advance its mission of combating colorectal cancer. Our multifaceted approach includes:

  • Individual Giving
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Foundation Grants
  • Special Events
  • Planned Giving
  • Donor Stewardship
  • Community Fundraising

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact Fight CRC’s VP of Philanthropy

Disclaimer: Fight CRC will maintain and oversee the editorial integrity and branding for content produced on the website, training materials, social media, and educational materials for all its programs and public relations efforts. Fight CRC does not promote or endorse the services of individual practitioners or facilities.

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