Host an Awareness Event

Raising awareness is a key factor in preventing colorectal cancer. From sushi-thons to golf tournaments, the event options are endless.

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Hosting a CRC Event? We Can Help!

What Type of Event Can I Host?

The opportunities are endless! Advocates have hosted all kinds of events, from 5K walks and golf tournaments to awareness nights at local restaurants. 

Take a look at awareness days, weeks, and months: World Cancer Day, National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Men’s and Women’s Health Weeks, etc. This might provide an extra spark of creativity as you plan a time or theme for your event.

You can also turn an ordinary event into a colorectal cancer awareness event! Whether it’s an organized run, yoga class, or birthday party, bring along some patient resources and start a conversation. There’s never a bad time or place to encourage others to get screened!

Where Can I Host an Event?

Churches are a great option! Many churches have big gyms for all your event needs. Set up a health fair and organize a scavenger hunt -- folks can gather as much information as possible for a prize!

Check out a Community Health Fair or Community Health Bazaar.

Local Clinics that are county-run or funded by the government often have cancer programs. They'd love to hear your inquiry about hosting an event there.

County Hospitals with Cancer Centers typically invite speakers to present. National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March would be a perfect opportunity for you to go and speak! 

Look into Conventions or Festivals - you can often get a charity booth. Music festivals or art festivals might give you a free or cheap table if you bring your needed supplies. Renting might be an option, as well. We’ll provide the tablecloth, educational materials, and giveaway swag, and you’ll be set! Plus, who doesn’t want the perks of a music festival for free?

Where Can I get an Inflatable Colon?

Check out Prevent Cancer, The Colon Cancer Coalition or Colon Stars for more information on renting an inflatable colon for your event.