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Colorectal Cancer Caucus

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Our Priority:

Build a group of relentless champions for the colorectal cancer community in Congress.

Why This is Important:

  • Every state and district in the U.S. is impacted by colorectal cancer. To change federal policy, we need members of Congress to fight for us in Washington, D.C.   
  • Bringing members of Congress together around a cause helps to generate energy and momentum for policy change.  
  • Members of Congress can become advocates for colorectal cancer and help educate and gather support from their colleagues on policies important to the colorectal cancer community.

What We Are Doing:

Asking every member of Congress to join the Congressional Colorectal Cancer Caucus.


Congressman Donald Payne Jr.
Congressman Mark Green


Take Action:


The Colorectal Cancer Caucus is a bipartisan group of Members of Congress dedicated to working collaboratively to increase access to screening, advance biomedical research to ensure more effective lines of treatment, and ultimately find a cure for colorectal cancer. The caucus helps to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the colorectal cancer community among policymakers and their staff as well as support policy solutions to improve the lives of all patients, survivors, and their loved ones.