Axel Grothey Removed from Medical Advisory Board


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According to The Cancer Letter, “last year, the prominent gastrointestinal oncologist was reprimanded by medical licensure boards in three states for engaging in unethical sexual relationships with an oncology fellow and a faculty colleague at Mayo Clinic Rochester, his longtime place of employment.” The report detailed 3 years of misconduct.

On May 30, 2021, GI Oncologist Axel Grothey, MD was removed from Fight Colorectal Cancer’s (Fight CRC) Medical Advisory Board. Fight CRC will not tolerate sexual harassment by staff, board members, volunteers, and those who serve on our advisory boards. Fight CRC condemns sexual harassment in any form and seeks to foster a sense of responsibility among our staff, volunteers, and advisors to combat these forms of ethical misconduct. 

Fight CRC President, Anjee Davis thanks the Cancer Letter for exposing this information so others can be protected. 

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