Meet Ambassador Mary Schmid

Mary Schmid Caregiver Arkansas My daughter Robyn was diagnosed stage IV just one month after her 31st birthday and after several years of being misdiagnosed. It never even occurred to us it could be cancer, and none of the many doctors ever suggested it might…

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Meet Ambassador Melissa Eckert-Zigrang

Melissa Eckert Survivor Missouri “I’m a stage IV survivor and nurse. I want to help lower the age for colonoscopies and remove the stigma from colorectal cancer. Together, we need to spread awareness. No one fights alone! I have reached out to many cancer patients…

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Allison Rosen

Meet Ambassador Allison Rosen

Allison Rosen Survivor Texas “When you are in your 30’s and loving life, cancer is the last thing on your mind. I was already having colonoscopies every year or so as routine maintenance for my Crohn’s disease. I had put off my scope in 2012…

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Darlene Robinson

Meet Ambassador Darlene Robinson

Darlene Robinson Caregiver Delaware “I am a 20+ year oncology nurse whose life has forever been changed by colon cancer. In 2009, just one week before leaving for California to study architecture, my 18 (yes, 18) year old son was diagnosed with Stage III colon…

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Alejandro Potes Jimenez

Meet Ambassador Alejandro Potes Jimenez

Alejandro Potes Jimenez Survivor New York “I had to push back on my physician who did not want prescribe a colonoscopy. I was diagnosed at the age of 34 with stage II colorectal cancer. Shortly after that I had a partial colectomy that removed the…

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Paula Chambers

Meet Ambassador Paula Chambers-Raney

Paula Chambers Survivor Texas “The Fight CRC Facebook page helped me deal with a very difficult time in my life. I was so grateful and happy to find survivor mentors that helped me get through my resection and work through my immediate needs. I’m a…

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Part 2: Adoptive Cell Therapies

This is part two of a two-part series on the role of Adoptive Cell Therapies.  Part 2: Adoptive Cell Transfer and CAR-T Therapies In December, we interviewed Dr. David Bajor, an oncologist at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio to learn more about Adoptive Cell…

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Meet Ambassador Peg Myrick

Peg Myrick Fighter  Virginia “I was diagnosed on Halloween 2016 with stage IV colorectal cancer at age 36 after being misdiagnosed for over 8 months. I was told by two different doctors that I was “too young” for colorectal cancer. I now know that ALL…

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Alice Marshall

Meet Ambassador Alice Marshall

Alice Marshall Survivor Kansas “In May, 2015, my daughter suggested I see a dermatologist about a spot on my forehead. It was diagnosed as pleomorphic T-cell lymphoma. I was sent to a lymphoma oncologist because this was a rare cancer. I completed 15 rounds of…

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Paul Shaddle

2019 Call-on Congress Day Two Recap

Photography: Brian Threlkeld Day 2 of Call-on Congress was just as busy as day 1, with advocates learning what it takes to have a successful congressional meeting during Hill Day. Aubree Thelen, Grassroots Advocacy Manager for Fight CRC, kicked things off by talking about the…

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