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Angelica Campos

Patient/Survivor Stage III Colon Cancer California
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I was a vegetarian for 20 years and waited until I was 55 to get my first colonoscopy. Since I was vegetarian, I thought I was healthy.

I had bleeding, constipation, and weight gain, also experienced hot flashes. I thought it was menopause. I was diagnosed in March 2021. They found tumor on sigmoid colon, removed it, and I ended up with an ostomy bag. I also got sepsis because of leakage.

I started chemotherapy six months later: oxaliplatin, and 5 FU. I had 18 rounds total.

Then I got a reversal and ended up with a temporary ilesotomy, June 2023!

In August 2023, they found a new tumor on my pelvis, and I started new chemotherapy treatments: oxaliplatin, immunotherapy, and Xeloda® oral chemotherapy pills, did a six month treatment.

Side effects included neuropathy, skin rashes, and increased anxiety.

Recent PET scan and CT scans show no sign of tumors, and I am getting a colonoscopy again in April 2024, to make sure I am still cancer free! I’m in remission so far!

My advice to people afraid of seeking medical advice or colorectal cancer screening is to make 45 the age you get your first colonoscopy, don’t wait! If you have family history get screening sooner! It can save your life and prevent cancer! I didn’t know the importance of a colonoscopy. My advice is don’t wait, especially if you have family history! Health is wealth, my friends!

Early detection can prevent such a hard cancer journey! Please make a colonoscopy part of your physical. It can prevent colon cancer!

It’s hereditary, in my genes, and I wish I didn’t wait until I was 55.

Change is good! I believe health insurance is wealth, and knowledge is important for good health!

I’m on a plant-based diet. I exercise regularly and take supplements to help me stay healthy and strong! The best advice I received was how important nutrition is especially after fighting colon cancer!

Something all members of Congress should know about colorectal cancer patients' needs is they need to please make colonoscopies available for anyone at any age because there is a rise in colon cancer in younger adults! It should be routine and part of a physical!

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