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Krystal Pope

Patient/Survivor Stage III Colon Cancer Tennessee
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I suffered for more than two years with horrible abdominal pain. Some days I could not get out of bed or even roll over in bed: My stomach was so distended and full of water. I could not eat solid foods for several months due to the pain with digestion.

I saw two different gastroenterologists, had a sigmoidoscopy, and visited the ER three times complaining of stomach pain and vomiting. My body finally shut down from the pain one morning at work. I was taken to a local hospital by ambulance, and a CT scan was performed.

I was told that a mass was at the top of my colon blocking everything from passing through. I was scheduled for a transverse colectomy the following afternoon. Six days later while recovering in the hospital I was diagnosed with stage IIIb colon cancer.

I honestly was not shocked, I knew that something was seriously wrong with me. Definitely not the fructose malabsorption I was originally diagnosed with.

I am now in complete remission as of November 19, 2023 after 12 rounds of chemo and 25 radiation treatments.

My advice to others: You know your body better than anyone else. If you feel that something is wrong, please continue to seek help until you get the results you need.

I always wore a bracelet that read, "Faith Over Fear." Continue to look toward the future and know that one day this will all be behind you.

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