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Sydney Stoner

Patients & Survivors Stage IV Colon Cancer Missouri
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Sydney's story

After dealing with digestive issues for years, I started experiencing debilitating pain in my lower abdomen.

I had already tried every elimination diet out there and holistic doctors, but I knew something was wrong.

So, I finally called to schedule a colonoscopy. I had no referral, so I really appreciate this doctor for taking me on.

I was only 28, so I was “you’re so young” by so many others. I was surprised when I got the colonoscopy.

I woke up in the middle of my colonoscopy and heard “that’s cancer.”

After the procedure, the doctor said, “I’m 99% sure you have colon cancer.” He sent me for a CT scan and a meeting with a surgeon. The surgeon confirmed that I had colon cancer but he said only stage III, since it spread to only one lymph node, and they got it out.

Well, after moving right after surgery and healing, I meet my oncologist. She runs more labs and scans, and I have stage IV colon cancer. It’s in my liver and my lungs.

I found out in 2020 and have since done two different 12 rounds of chemotherapy, six rounds of radiation, an ostomy reversal, a liver resection, and now I’m on pill chemo.

Signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms included ongoing change in bowel habits, narrow stools, stomach cramps/bloating/fullness, and fatigue.

Side effects

Side effects included fatigue, bowel irregularities, mouth sores, chemo induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), pain, neuropathy, hand-foot syndrome, chemo brain, and distress or mental health issues/illness.

Sydney's advice

DO IT! [Get the colonoscopy.] I know the possible news can be terrifying and the aftermath may not be easy, but knowing HOW to treat it and what to do to stop dying is so much better than just unknowingly dying every day.

It’s hard to share words of encouragement sometimes when there’s a world of toxic positivity that always finds us cancer patients.

This absolutely sucks, but you are not alone. There is always someone cheering you on and always someone to recount these awful stories with.

I know it seems hopeless sometimes, but there is always hope. Don’t let it go.

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