When Congress takes a break for the August recess, it’s the perfect time for you to advocate at home! Congress works in their districts (where you live) during this time making it an opportunity you can’t pass up!

Each August we let you know via email how you can make change. Depending on the year, this can range from adding your story to a letter to the editor of your local paper to setting up a time to meet with your member of Congress in person while they’re home.

Getting involved during August Recess is a perfect way to get started if you’ve never advocated. If this isn’t your first rodeo with advocacy, it’s an amazing way to follow-up and build on your relationship with your Member of Congress.

How to Participate

It’s never too early to get started, even if it’s not August yet! Make sure you’re signed up as an advocate. This means you’ll get notified when we launch the campaign this Summer.

If you’ve already signed up, get a jump start and look up your members of Congress. Research where they stand on important issues – especially our legislative priorites.

And be on the lookout for more emails from us… we have ways to advocate all year. If you’d like to do more, we have many ways to join the fight.