Call-on Congress

Call-on Congress is Fight CRC’s signature advocacy event, held every year since 2007. Although it is historically hosted in person in Washington, DC each March, the pandemic changed everything. And if we do say ourselves, it made Call-on Congress even better!

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Call-on Congress 2021 Recap

For 2021, Call-on Congress was a totally virtual event -- not only were we able to make a big advocacy impact, but we also provided lots of opportunities for advocates to connect with one another. 

Our relentless champions of hope reached the masses and shouted from the rooftops that the president and vice president need to #PrioritizeCRC. Here's what advocates were able to accomplish during our Day of Action:

  • 101 Hill meetings took place virtually
  • 970 emails to President Biden and Vice President Harris asking them to prioritize colorectal cancer research
  • 7.2k tweets & retweets at the president and vice president
  • 663k reached for #PrioritizeCRC (people who saw & clicked the content)
Call-on Congress 2021 Kickoff Event

Virtual Advocacy Training

Each week, advocates received a new advocacy training video and helpful resources to get ready to impact positive change for the colorectal cancer community. Now that Call-on Congress has ended, this training is available to everyone. Check it out!

Mentor Groups

Mentor groups checked in every two weeks to answer questions, share sample social media posts, and schedule additional meet-ups. It was a great way to connect with a small group of champions in the midst of a global pandemic!

Champions' Huddles

Once a month attendees connected virtually with mentors and other advocates from across the country. Some of these huddles included yoga, cooking, and boxing classes!

Virtual Celebration

After months of hard work and a day of action, we celebrated virtually with a DJ, photo booth, and highlights from the day.

Call-on Congress 2021 Virtual Celebration

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