Grassroots advocacy takes advocacy off The Hill and into your home. This can mean:

The best part? We’ll provide the tools you need!

Grassroots advocacy is important! Not everyone has the time or resources to meet with members of Congress in D.C. But, it’s still crucial to make your voice heard.

Get Started as a Grassroots Advocate

We’ll provide you with online tools to take action from home and connect with other advocates in your state and community.

We also have a volunteer committee dedicated to grassroots advocacy – our Grassroots Action Committee. They can help you along the way and serve as mentors at Call-on Congress if you choose to become an advocate on the Hill in addition to grassroots.

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Step 1 – Sign Up

We need to know who you are – please sign up as an advocate with your name, email and zip code. We use your zip code to tailor your action alerts to your representatives.

We’ll let you know when it’s time to take action on time-sensitive issues. We’ll also let you know when our seasonal campaigns launch. We keep you busy all year!

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Step 2 – Meet Other Grassroots Advocates

Our voices are more powerful together – much more powerful than if one of us acted alone. Once you sign up, make sure to join our online group for advocates. Meeting others who can say “me too” is one of the most powerful aspects of grassroots advocacy.

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Step 3 – Start to Take Action

Our Action Alert center has ongoing action alerts you can send right away. It’s never too early to let your member of Congress know what’s important to you. Do your research and know where they stand on important issues related to colorectal cancer.

When there’s a time-sensitive need, we’ll email you and let you know. Until then:

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