Call-on Congress 2021 Program & Events

A Call-on Congress like never before, we’ll provide advocacy training leading up to a Day of Action on June 14.

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Call-on Congress 2021

Training & Community Building

Weekly: Virtual Advocacy Training

Advocacy training on your own time. Every Monday, you’ll get an email with a link to a new advocacy training video and helpful resources to get you ready to impact positive change for the colorectal cancer community. 

Bi-Weekly: Mentor Group Check-Ins

Your mentor will check in with you every two weeks to answer questions, share sample social media posts, and schedule additional meet-ups for your group. 

Monthly: Champions Huddles

Once a month, you’ll get another chance to connect virtually with your mentors and other advocates from across the country. These are casual! Think meeting up with friends to catch up over a beverage or participate in a fun activity.

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Virtual Training Sessions

How to Tell Your Story

Telling your story is a key part of advocacy. But where do you start? This training will help guide you through how to effectively tell your story to help raise awareness. 

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Get Media Ready

Telling your story on television, on a podcast, or for a newspaper article can help increase the reach of your awareness efforts. Hear from experts about how to get the most out of media opportunities as well as their top tips for a successful interview. 

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How to Reach Your Legislators on Social Media

Today, nearly every Member of Congress is on some form of social media. Policymakers are increasingly using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as a way to interact with their constituents. Learn about how Members of Congress manage their social media accounts, what they look for when interacting with constituents and how you can effectively engage your representatives. 

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Capitol Hill 101

Need a refresher on that high school government class? We’ve got you. We cover everything from how many Senators each state gets to how congressional offices are staffed to how a bill becomes a law. 

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Fight CRC's Legislative Priorities

Fight CRC is constantly monitoring countless policies at the state and federal level that could impact the colorectal cancer community. But when we meet with policymakers, it’s important to have a clear, concise message. This deep dive will give you everything you need to know to meet with your legislators about our top legislative priorities. 

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How to Tell Your Story to Policymakers

When meeting with your legislators, you often don’t have very much time to tell your story and make your ask. In this training, you’ll learn how to craft your “elevator pitch” to share your story and ask your Member of Congress to support our legislative priorities in a clear and effective way. 

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Advocacy in Your State

Looking to get involved in advocacy in your state? Learn about Fight CRC’s advocacy efforts at the state and local level and how you can get involved. You’ll hear from advocates who are a part of our Catalyst State-by-State Advocacy Program as well as those who have worked with their governors to declare March as Colorectal Cancer Awareness month in their states. 

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Meeting Your Members of Congress

First time meeting with your Member of Congress? Or just need a refresher? In this training we will go over the do’s and don’ts for a successful meeting and show an example of what a typical meeting looks like so you know what to expect. 

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June 14: Day of Action & Celebration

Day of Action

June 14 is our Day of Action, when thousands of advocates from across the country will rally to make colorectal cancer screening and research a national priority. From a tweetstorm to calls and emails, we’ll have plenty of ways to engage!

Those who’ve registered for Call-on Congress and are committed to completing the advocacy training will have the opportunity to participate in virtual congressional meetings! Who would’ve thought just a year ago that now you can meet with Members of Congress and their staff over the phone or a video call?! We’ll take care of the scheduling for you, but space is limited and requires a separate registration. Check your email for more details!

Celebration @ 7pm EST

To celebrate your commitment, hard work, and success, we’ll host a virtual celebration on June 14 where you can connect with other advocates. This won’t be a plain-Jane video call…think photo booths, dance parties, games, and more!


Don’t miss this lineup of experts! From survivors and healthcare professionals to media specialists and former Hill staffers, we’ve got every base covered.

ICYMI: Call-on Congress Kickoff Event

Nearly 200 advocates from across the country joined us to kick off Call-on Congress, and we had a blast! Not only did advocates courageously share their stories, but also we got to hear from celebrities like Katie Couric; professional athletes like Tom Lehman and Brice Butler; several members of Congress; Director of the NCI, Dr. Ned Sharpless; and more!

Call-on Congress 2021 Kickoff Event

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