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Jeremy Echols

患者和幸存者 第四期结肠癌 德州
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Jeremy's Story

In August 2018, I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer at 33 years old. I had been experiencing some abdominal pain, and my doctor recommended a 结肠镜检查 just to rule out anything serious. I didn't think much of it and had the procedure done.

About a week later, while I was at work, I received a voicemail from an oncologist's office saying that I had cancer. I called them back assuming they had the wrong person, but they confirmed and scheduled an MRI.

At first I was told that I was likely stage I because they could tell that my tumor was fairly new. However, a PET CT scan showed cancer had spread to both my liver and aorta. I had surgery in September and started chemotherapy in October.

After 15 rounds of infused chemo, plus oral chemo, I was declared cancer free in January 2021.

Jeremy's Advice

If you're experiencing 症状, please seek medical advice. Early detection is crucial. There is nothing to be afraid of or embarrassed by. Colorectal cancer screenings are simple and can save your life.

A cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. My prognosis and statistics say that I should not be here today. Try your best to stay positive. It won't always be easy. Some days are good, and others won't be. Get help when you need it. Don't try to go through it alone. If people are willing to help, let them. You can get through this!


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