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Fight CRC Trial Finder

The Fight CRC Trial Finder can help patients with MSS colorectal cancer get a potential list of clinical trials to discuss with their medical teams.rnrnThis project was the brainchild of Dr. Tom Marsilje, a stage IV survivor and scientist, best known on the web as the “currently incurable scientist” or simply “Dr. Tom.” He worked alongside advocates Maia (Cee Cee) Walker and Jana Downing, who shared his vision to create a tool putting patients at the heart of the clinical trial search and curation process. A partnership with Fight Colorectal Cancer allowed this invaluable tool to reach more patients.rnrnThe Fight CRC Trial Finder is now available to download on your mobile device on iPhone or Android.

All potential MSS-CRC patient-enrolling trials found on ClinicalTrials.gov are reviewed and posted to this finder by Fight CRC research advocates. The tool is not a comprehensive list of all CRC clinical trials – only those that would be most interesting to a patient with MSS-CRC, such as Dr. Tom himself. The trials that display in the search results are based on Tom’s review criteria:

  • Trials with a “reduced” chance of potential failure
  • Trials with the biggest “potential” long-term benefit

Behind the Design

“As a patient, I had no interest in participating in a trial which had both the highest risk of failure as well as limited long-term benefit, even if the experimental therapy worked as designed. I knew that I may only have one shot at a trial, so I wanted to choose that trial wisely and make that potentially single shot count the most!” rnrn-Dr. Tom Marsilje, stage IV fighter

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