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Jessica Bishop

Patients & Survivors Stage III Colon Cancer California
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Jessica's story

For two years, I was dealing with extreme intermittent abdominal pain, along with blood in my stools, every time I ate anything.

My primary doctor, dismissed my major concerns, did a bunch of tests on me, but everything kept coming back normal, and I was told I have IBS.

Finally on June 23, I decided to do a 38 fasting to help my stomach pain and to try to get closer to God. On Monday June 26, 2023, I was pushed to go to the emergency room, where they ended up admitting me, and I had a colonoscopy done on June 27, 2023. Then I had a colon resection surgery on June 28, 2023, where they removed a tumor that was blocking my colon 3/4 of the way.

They did a biopsy on the tumor and it came back as cancer. I was in the hospital until July 1, 2023.

God has been with me this whole time, and not once have I felt worry or fear. I have been at peace with it all and in great spirits.

The oncologist confirmed I am stage III colorectal cancer, and I will need to do chemotherapy for three months, because it spread to some of my lymph nodes.

As of now I have completed two of my four rounds, with some side effects. I am still in good spirits.

I want to spread awareness because, colon cancer DOES NOT run in my family. LISTEN to your body! Get checked.

Signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms included rectal bleeding or blood in stool, ongoing change in bowel habits, and stomach cramps/bloating/fullness.

Side effects

Side effects included fatigue, mouth sores, chemo induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), hand-foot syndrome, and chemo brain.

Jessica's advice

The sooner you find out anything, the sooner you can attack it!

Believe and talk to GOD. That is the only thing that has helped me.

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