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Karla Scheufler

Family & Friends Stage IV Colon Cancer Ohio

Story: "My daughter had a colonoscopy. Her only symptoms were tiredness and feeling hot most of the time. Her husband was with her during the colonoscopy. She then told me the news: She had colon cancer. She had an 8-year-old son when she was diagnosed.

"She had very few good days for almost the next three years. She lived with us most weeks while she was being treated with chemo. Most days, we were with her.

"I can certainly bring a mother’s view about a loved one with colon cancer. No one but a mother could relate the heartache every day of watching her only child dying. My daughter and I were beyond close. Her biological father died of colon cancer. She had not been in contact with him for many years, so we did not know the reason for his passing at the time.

"I have a close and personal view of how terrible colon cancer is. Get a colonoscopy!"

Advice: "Get a colonoscopy for yourself and your loved ones. One day of being slightly uncomfortable is better than pain and death."

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