Remington Bennett

Philanthropy Coordinator

Remington Bennett

Remington joined Fight CRC in September 2023. Before joining Fight CRC, she received her Bachelor of Science in Broadcast and Digital Journalism from Syracuse University. She has worked for various mission-driven media production companies and organizations.

Although Remington works within the Philanthropy team, she is responsible for overseeing the email marketing across all teams and functions within the organization.

She is responsible for writing, strategizing, and executing effective email campaigns that widen our reach and help us engage with our community. Remington loves finding new ways to share our mission and connect with people from different backgrounds with one common goal: to find a cure for colorectal cancer.

Remington is a food enthusiast and a health-food junkie. In her free time, she loves to explore new restaurants, take long walks through the park, and enjoys shopping around the farmer’s market.

Remington lives in Brooklyn, New York.