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Lisa-Fund_colon-cancerFight Colorectal Cancer funds one of 10 fellowships awarded by American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) — and the only one specifically focused on late-stage colorectal cancer.

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Lisa Fund History

About Lisa

lisa-fund-med-researchLisa Dubow, a stage III colorectal cancer survivor diagnosed at age 42, started the Lisa Fund in 2006. As a survivor and advocate, she fought for research funding to support innovation and science. Lisa, a founding member of Fight Colorectal Cancer, credited late-breaking research with extending her life long enough to see her son grow into adulthood.

Grant Recipients

It took two years to raise funds to award the first Lisa Fund grant to a talented researcher. Since then, Fight Colorectal Cancer has awarded a grant each year to a scientist on the pipeline of new discoveries.

Meet our Lisa Fund Recipients