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ACS's Brawley Disappointed by CMS CT Colonography Denial

American Cancer Society Chief Medical Officer Otis W. Brawley, M.D., says that he is disappointed in the decision by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services not to cover CT colonography screening for elderly Americans on Medicare. Dr. Brawley points out that randomized clinical trials have shown the CTC option as effective as traditional optical colonoscopy in finding early cancers and precancerous polyps.  He also concerned that there is not a sufficient supply of trained specialists providing colonoscopy to meet the need for screening and that new options are needed. The American Cancer Society believes, Brawley says, that a full battery of testing for colorectal cancer screening should be available,

American Cancer Society: What Cancer Patients Need to Know About Swine Flu

The American Cancer Society has a good web page for cancer patients about influenza H1N1 with links to more answers from the Centers for Disease Control and ACS Infections in People with Cancer. The ACS recommends that people with cancer: Avoid large crowds, people with fever, flu or infection, and small children who go to schools or daycare. Wash their hands often or use a santizing gel. Cover their mouths and noses when they sneeze with a tissue and throw it away. Avoid touching their eyes, noses, or mouths. Talk to their doctors about risk of infection and possible use of Tamiflu or Relenza.