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What Can We Learn from EMILIA?

Written by: Christopher P. Adams, Ph.D.* Chris Adams, one of Fight Colorectal Cancer’s research advocates, shares his thoughts about the results of a large breast cancer trial presented at the 2012 ASCO in Chicago, and aspects of the regulatory process. Thank YOU Chris! On Sunday June 3 2012, at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting in Chicago, Dr Kimberly Blackwell from the Duke Cancer Institute, got on stage in front of over 10,000 doctors, researchers and worldwide media representatives to present initial results from the EMILIA trial.** The trial looked at the safety and effectiveness of a novel drug for a particular type of breast cancer. Despite its

Avastin Second-Line Treatment Improves Survival Time

Continuing Avastin into second-line chemotherapy for advanced colorectal cancer when tumors begin to grow larger or new tumors appear (progression) improves both survival time and the time until further progression according to Phase III clinical trial results that will be reported this Sunday morning, June 3, at ASCO 2012 in Chicago Study results were previewed in an ASCO Press Briefing yesterday. Overall survival time increased by 19% with Avastin compared to a switch to a new chemotherapy alone. Time until cancer progressed fell 32%. Serious side effects remained similar.