What’s All The Fuss About Ginger?

A small study has found ginger supplements reduce markers of inflammation in the colon tissue of 30 healthy volunteers.. Does this mean eating more ginger or taking ginger supplements will reduce colon cancer risk?  We don’t know, and this study doesn’t ask or answer that question? Does ginger actually reduce inflammation in the colon? Or just…  Read More

Music Eases Cancer Pain

Listening to just thirty minutes of music significantly reduced pain and distress for cancer patients. The patients were receiving medication, but still had pain. Music reduced pain scores by more than 50 percent for almost half of them compared to fewer than 1 in 10 similar patients who just rested in bed.

Plants Ease Recovery from Surgery

Patients recovering from abdominal surgery benefited from having plants in their hospital rooms.  They had less pain, needed lower doses of pain medicine, and had lower heart rates and blood pressure.  As they got better, they spent time watering and tending the plants. In addition, patients with plants were less fatigued and anxious.   They were happier…  Read More