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What's All The Fuss About Ginger?

A small study has found ginger supplements reduce markers of inflammation in the colon tissue of 30 healthy volunteers.. Does this mean eating more ginger or taking ginger supplements will reduce colon cancer risk?  We don’t know, and this study doesn’t ask or answer that question? Does ginger actually reduce inflammation in the colon? Or just cut back  some inflammatory markers that it might be temporarily present?  We don’t know. Will ginger have similar side effects as other agents that we know do reduce inflammation like aspirin? We don’t know. For the short time volunteers were taking ginger there didn’t seem to be any difference in side effects, but what

Plants Ease Recovery from Surgery

Patients recovering from abdominal surgery benefited from having plants in their hospital rooms.  They had less pain, needed lower doses of pain medicine, and had lower heart rates and blood pressure.  As they got better, they spent time watering and tending the plants. In addition, patients with plants were less fatigued and anxious.   They were happier with their rooms, and 93 percent of them said that the plants were the best part of the room.  Patients without plants said that watching television was the most positive aspect of their hospital stay.