Dole Salad Salmonella Alert

Dole Fresh Vegetables is voluntarily recalling over 750 cases of DOLE® Seven Lettuces salad with Use-by Date of April 11, 2012. While no illness has yet been associated with eating the salads, a random sample collected by the State of New York found contamination with Salmonella. The recalled packages have a UPC code of 71430 01057…  Read More

Warfarin Recall Expanded

The recall of Jantoven®  warfarin 3 mg tablets issued on February 16th has been expanded to include more dosages and additional medicines. Jantoven and other medications that were packaged on the same Upsher-Smith Laboratories packaging line between May and November of 2010 are all being recalled as a precaution after 10 mg Jantoven tablets were found…  Read More

Check Your Warfarin

If you take warfarin to prevent blood clots, check your supply to be sure it is safe. A mixup in dosages has prompted a recall of Jantoven® Warfarin.  A single bottle was found to contain 10 mg pills, rather than the 3 mg tablets on the label. Upsher-Smith Laboratories is voluntarily recalling one lot  (lot #284081)…  Read More

Rolaids Recall

If you use Rolaids for occasional heartburn or gas, watch out for the Extra Strength Softchews. McNeil Consumer Healthcare has voluntarily recalled all lots of ROLAIDS® Extra Strength Softchews, ROLAIDS® Extra Strength Plus Gas Softchews, and ROLAIDS® Multi-Symptom Plus Anti-Gas Softchews being sold in the United States and Canada. Consumers have reported bits foreign material in…  Read More

Check Your Pain Patches

Eighteen lots of Fentanyl transdermal patches distributed in the United States have been recalled by Actavis, Inc. The 25 mcg/hour patches may have a fold-over defect that allows active drug to be released faster than intended.  In one lot of the recalled patches, one patch was found leaking gel.  The remaining lots are being voluntarily recalled…  Read More