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Ethex Recalls Additional Lots of Both 30 mg and 60 mg Morphine Tablets

Ethex Corporation has expanded their voluntary recall of morphine sulfate tablets to both 30 mg and 60 mg doses and additional lots of both doses.  We reported a previous recall of a single lot of 60 mg tablets on June 11, 2008.  There is a potential problem that some tablets may be oversized and may contain as much as twice the dose of morphine on the label. No oversized tablets have been found in any of the additional lots now being recalled, but because the problem discovered in one lot, Ethex is taking extra precautions to ensure patient safety. The 60 mg tablet is a white oval with “60″ on

Ethex morphine tablets recalled

The FDA has announced a voluntary recall of a single lot of morphine sulfate 60 mg extended release tablets by Ethex Corporation. Lot No. 91762, distributed between April 16th and April 27th of 2008, contained at least one over-sized tablet that might contain up to twice the amount of morphine. While no reports of serious effects from Ethex morphine tablets have been reported, the opioid medicines are being recalled to prevent life-threatening overdoses. Extended release morphine is often used to manage cancer pain, particularly in patients with advanced disease.  Since many of these patients are already weak, it might be difficult for them to recognize an over-sized pill. Signs of