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Colorectal Cancer News in Brief: August 21

In research this week Japanese surgeons report very good outcomes when lung tumors from colorectal cancer tumors can be completely removed, colonoscopies done in the morning find more polyps, and high levels of vitamin D in the blood predict better survival after colorectal cancer diagnosis. US life expectancy reached a record high in 2007 according to the CDC.   A veteran treated at the Miami VA Health Center is suing the US government because of HIV infection allegedly contracted during a colonoscopy.

Vitamin D Reduces Risk for Colon Polyps

Both the level of vitamin D in the blood and intake of vitamin D-rich foods decrease the risk of colorectal polyps in a number of studies. Analyzing published studies of blood levels of vitamin D, researchers found a 30 percent decrease in the risk of adenomas among people with the most circulating vitamin D compared to those with the least.  The highest vitamin D intake decreased adenomatous polyp risk by 11 percent.