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Catherine Martin

Patients & Survivors Stage IV Missouri
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Catherine's Story

In the summer of 2019, I noticed blood in my stool. Immediately I went to my primary care physician and was assured I was too young for anything other than rectal hemorrhoids. Months later, still having symptoms, my father (a retired endocrinologist) told me my grandmother had died of colon cancer and that I needed a colonoscopy immediately. Within weeks I had my colonoscopy and learned that I had stage IV colorectal cancer that had spread to my liver.

Within a few weeks, radiation, chemo, and the planning of several surgeries was my new reality. After a successful liver trisection and an ileostomy procedure, my rectal and liver tumors were removed, and I continue to be free of cancer. Recently, very small nodules were detected in my lungs, sparking the need for ongoing chemo, the possibility of clinical trial enrollment, and regular doctor appointments. For now, the fight continues.

Catherine's Advice

It's easy to equate cancer with death, especially in a late-stage diagnosis. DON’T. Use your resources, find a support group, and seek out additional options. And don’t give up.

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