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Jeffery Edwards

Patients & Survivors Stage II Rectal Cancer Nebraska
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Story: I found out after my first colonoscopy. I had been having blood in my stools. After two tests to determine that it wasn't stomach issues, I was scheduled for the colonoscopy. My mother was with me at the colonoscopy when they had found the growth. Initially they said it was stage III, but was later to be determined as stage II, as no spread.

Advice: Take the screening as early as you can. Don't overlook symptoms or signs. Your body will let you know of problems. Seek out a competent professional. Get second opinions if you are being brushed off. Cancer is something that the earlier you start the battle, the better and quicker you can work to fight it. I was lucky, but I also fought to find the best treatment and doctors.

Talk to others who are going through or were treated for the same cancer. Do research, ask questions, don't let a doctor blow off your concerns.

Surround yourself with family, friends, and don't be afraid to talk about your diagnosis. Listen to those who have gone through the treatments. Ask questions, seek out professional nurse navigators. Find support groups because having a great support group makes you stronger and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

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